Singable Books: We All Go Traveling By

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February 9, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Hello Friends! 

I’m officially five weeks into my internship here at Toneworks, and I feel like I’m finally getting into my groove! I have had so much fun interacting with our clients and getting to know what they enjoy and how they like to participate in music therapy. I’m also learning non-stop from the fantastic music therapists here at Toneworks! Though these ladies are unbelievably good at keeping every session fresh and innovative, there are some things that we could do over and over again every week that our clients would never tire of!

Long story short, I’m here to tell you about another of our favorite singable books here at Toneworks. From inclusive classrooms of 25 or more kiddos to one-on-one, in-home sessions, this book is loved by all. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sung it in just the past five weeks! Barefoot Books has graced us with (yet another) winner with We All Go Traveling By. This colorful, rhythmic, singable book outlines a whole bunch of different vehicles that we could use to get to school, culminating with a big silver bell marking the beginning of the school day! How much cuter could it get, right?! Find an animated video of the book here.

I want to outline some of the movements we encourage our clients do while we read the book. Incorporating these movements adds a whole new physical dimension to an otherwise academically-focused activity. We always start by tapping our knees.  

Yellow School Bus: Beep beep beep!

  • Extend your arm with the palm facing out and “beep” a car horn

Bright Red Truck: Rumble rumble rumble! 

  • Roll your arms around in front of your body with your hands in fists

Long Blue Train: Chuff chuff chuff!

  • Pump your arms backwards & forwards at your sides

Shiny Pink Bike: Ring ring ring!


  • Put your fists out in front of you and flick your wrists like you’re revving a motorcycle

Little Green Boat: Chug-a-lug-a-lug

  • Sway your whole body side to side, really sloooooooow (this is a favorite of ours, especially with some of our tiny kiddos)

Big White Plane: Neeeeee-ow! 

  • Take one hand and sweep it down through the air like a plane landing

Fast Orange Car: Vroom vroom vroom!

  • Rub palms together 

Two Purple Shoes: Tap tap tap!

  • Clap hands or tap feet out in front of you

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy We All Go Traveling By as much as we do! Do you use this book in a different way, or have different movements to go along with it? Let us know in the comments!