Coming up this March…Self-Care!

Spotify Playlist of the Week: Brain Break
February 27, 2017

Welcome, all! March is going to be another exciting and busy month here at Toneworks! As I begin the third month of my internship, I am certainly understanding the immense difficulty of achieving that illusive concept we call “work-life balance”. We’ve all seen that triangle, right? You know, the one that tells you how you’re supposed to be floating on a fluffy pink cloud of cotton candy after having built yourself the perfect equilateral triangle of social, mental and physical health? If you have never found yourself in a middle school health class, see below: So, in the spirit of achieving that seemingly unreachable goal of work-life balance, I picked a theme for the month of March that I have always strived to achieve. We will spend the coming month focusing on the theme of self-care. In addition to featuring visiting bloggers, including Angie Jones (an expert in essential oils), we will share knowledge, insights, and resources about self care.

Regardless of who you are or what your job description is, it is sometimes necessary to remind yourself that self-care is your MOST important commitment. From music therapists, to parents of children with disabilities, to everyone in-between, caring for yourself is vital to your ability to care for those you love! 

To kick off the month, I’d like to share a resource with you. This playlist of nine TED talks was my source of inspiration for the month’s theme. These talks offer a variety of simple ways to be healthy–physically, emotionally, and mentally. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more developments! 

Have a great week!