Musical Playground
(Ages 3-11)

Musical Playground (Ages 3-11)

Musical playground small group sessions focus on social, emotional, and self-regulation skills for children. Groups run in 6-week sessions and are groups for ages 3-6 and 7-11.

Goal areas may include:

  • Regulatory skills - implementing coping and calming strategies, decreasing aggression, and accepting and/or seeking out adult help
  • Social skills - appropriately sharing, taking turns, accepting others’ play ideas, following rules, transitioning safely from activity to activity, and sharing experiences.
  • Emotional skills - increasing the ability to identify and appropriately express feelings

Therapeutic music interventions include:

  • Functional instrument play: Working together or independently playing an instrument to improve social and regulatory skills
  • Movement to music: Using dance and yoga to improve social and regulatory skills
  • Singing: Using call-and-response, performing, and group singing to improve regulatory, social, and communication skills
  • Sensory exploration: Using a variety of instruments and tools that improve regulatory and emotional skills